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The world is now narrowing down to a singular unit referred to as a global village, thanks to the internet and technology. But what does a global hub present for millennial entrepreneurs?

By definition, Global Hubs are switched-on places possessing qualities that make other places want to connect with them. The Hub essentially becomes the ‘central uniting place for people and organizations to come together’.

Among many advantages they possess; no or very limited boundaries, wide and endless means of networking, unbroken chains of information sharing and learning, and even more market access.

The Market Today…

Trends are now the new pace makers which means the train of thought is quicker, spoilt for choice, diversely appealing, cost saving, and is attached to a mood which make the market essentially harder to please.

But that isn’t such a bad thing because millennials have the opportunity to set and dictate a new pace of entrepreneurship, socially and economically no thanks to a variety of Global Hubs worldwide.

The Global Shapers – a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, achievements and their drive to make a difference in their communities – is where millennial entrepreneurs seek to thrive.

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In Search of a Fulfillment…

More and more millennials are becoming less specific towards a choreographed lifestyle and are instead engaging in creating independent and fluid entrepreneurship surroundings. What impact is felt is now a preferential to one’s personal ambitions.

There is an increase in associating goals and dreams with something far more than just a paycheck reward. At the same time, there is a social bond that is pulling many young people across the world together to make purposeful connections while having fun.

The Bigger Picture…

HSBC Private Banking’s global chief of staff Stuart Parkinson in response to an HSBC survey said in the report that, “Entrepreneurs are increasingly focusing on their networks, their relationships and their reputation to propel their businesses forward.

“This is most noticeable in the millennial generation of entrepreneurs who are more likely to be driven by the desire to increase their influence and have a positive impact on others than their parents’ generation.”

“I think Millennials realize that money as a be-all and end-all doesn’t equal happiness,” Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, said in an interview with Entrepreneur.

Of 13 Young Social Entrepreneurs Making a Difference, slightly over 50% are involved in community development initiatives according to Under 30 CEO.

Millennial entrepreneurs account for majority of the Global Shapers helping to shape societies through effective efforts that stem from passion. Several startups are community-based with the objective to give back where short comings are big hindrances to development.

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