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Given the vast knowledge lying on the internet, there’s so much to learn, do, and see, and yet most of us keep going to the same routine over and over again. Today, let us to discuss how you can increase your productivity online; how you can work to re-direct that Social media-consumed energy into something constructive. So, turn off those social sites windows and consider the following tips to make the best of the internet. There is a lot you can do online than vain indulgences.

1. Visit Informative Sites

You’re never too old to learn something new. Website such as Coursera is an excellent source of knowledge as it provides free courses on topics that cut across board. If you aren’t interested in a course, you can check out websites such as LifeHacker (to get tips on various aspects of life), Quora (an interesting discussions community), HowStuffWorks, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. These sites will boost up your IQ, and you’ll at least get to know more than you did yesterday. Learning something new keeps the mind energized and excited. And the best thing, you can access all these knowledge for free!

2. Carve Out Time to Get Organized

Instead of spending most of your time on the internet, create some time to organize your life. You can start by organizing and sorting your computer files. Upload your files to your cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and you’ll benefit greatly from this filing system as you’ll never waste time searching for a file again. You may also want to answer a few mails which you haven’t replied or empty your inboxes after some time. You can also spend some free internet time to look at your finances, investments and pay your bills to avoid being caught off-guard. And if investment concerns you, check Investopedia for some good lessons and tips on personal investment and financing.

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3. Keep Your Email Accounts Offline

Most of us find ourselves constantly shifting our attention away from the primary tasks because of distractions. However, one handy tip that will help you is the “Take Accounts Offline” feature that’s found in email aggregators such as Apple Mail. This will help avoid distractions as you’ll be checking your email after a set schedule. You can say that you’ll be checking your emails every hour. Controlling when to shift attention will help you improve your process, and you’ll actually achieve your daily objectives more efficiently.

4. Update Your Personal Life and Professional Profile

Use your free time to get in touch with your close friends and family. Relationships need to be cultivated, and communication is one of the ways to keep in touch. Make a Skype call instead of sending an email or text message.

Also, you need to update your professional profile on sites such as LinkedIn once in a while. This will help to remind you that you need to update your skills so that you can add something on your resume or professional profile.

5. Check Out Productivity Apps

In this world of iOS and Android, one can always test an app to see the ones that can make their life a bit better. So, on a lazy weekend, instead of browsing social media all day, you can explore Google Play or Apple App Store for the latest productivity games and apps. You’ll find plenty of Chrome extensions and apps that will make your professional and personal life a lit bit more organized, easier, and informed in several ways.

6. Speed Up Your Online Connection

Slow internet not only frustrates but also wastes your valuable time. You can increase your investment in a faster internet connection with your provider, or you can shut down other computers or devices that might be drawing on your connection. Most computer applications and programs frequently access your connection in the background state. And therefore, you should consider shutting them down.

7. Increase Your Typing Speed

Fortunately, you can learn how to type through online typing tools. Just 10 minutes every day for one month can help you type faster. Check out for best typing tools to see a suitable one for you so that you can get started.

Final Thoughts

With a bit of organization and planning, one can improve their workflow and increase their productivity online. This will not only make your life easier and organized but also will create more free time for other precious things in life.

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