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With in 7 years of existence, Instagram has acquired over 600 million users worldwide with no signs of slowing down. Many users on Instagram use the platform to get inspired and also discover a whole lot of great content that align with their passions -both image and video.
That is why it is a highly relevant platform to share your brand’s story or showcase your products and services, and as an online entrepreneur this can be your ultimate playground.

Whether you want to get people aware of your business or grow your business, here are some tips on how to do it with Instagram.

#1: Start with a Clear target

You have probably heard how important it is to have clearly defined goals in life, well that goes for business as well, and when you are growing your business on a platform that has over 600 million users, you will want to be very precise.

What you do not want is post a video or an image that sends a message that does not resonate with the products or services you offer. Most of the time that may lead to “drop-offs” or “unfollows”, which results to less leads, conversions and sales.

So first step is to have a clear targeted audience of who you are trying to reach, and then post a video/image that is creative, relates to your business and also highly resonates with your followers or audience.

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#2: Incorporate Your Brand Look and Feel

As you post content onto Instagram, keep in mind to always brand your images/videos. This will help keep a strong brand consistency across your profile feed, which is more appealing to a new follower.

You may want to avoid re-posting someone else’s content even though it is somehow related to your niche, doing so may drive followers to your profile but could be costly in the long run.

Make sure to post images/videos with your logo, brand name, photographic style or even identifiable color palettes. Incorporating your brand look and feel will make your business more recognizable.

#3: Focus on creativity

Creativity is what makes every entrepreneur successful especially in the online world where there are lots of information that tempts you to duplicate.

If you really want to grow your online business, make sure to stay creative with the content you post. What you do not want is people thinking you aren’t authentic, and it only takes one mistake to discredit yourself.

Posting creative content that aligns with your products and services, is that it will drive greater results to your Instagram account as well as increase sales. So you want to have well photographed images, with an interesting look and artistic as well. What you post should make people want more and more.

In case you have doubts about creating creative content read this post on how to create amazing content, you may also head over to my Instagram account @millennialentrepreneurship and get some ideas.

That’s it! Though remember Instagram users mainly use the platform to get inspiration, motivation. So post content that is related to your niche and is addictive. Sooner than you know it your work will start paying off.

What techniques do you use on Instagram? Please share!



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