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Entrepreneur—en-tre-pre-neur (än’tra-pra-
nür) n. A person who organizes, operates, and
assumes the risk for business ventures, especially
an impresario. The word comes from Old
French. See enterprise.
American Heritage Dictionary

Becoming an entrepreneur is a thrilling experience. And if you’re a millennial, it’s a bit scary. There are a lot of thoughts that would race through your mind, like where to start and how to keep going. Millennial Entrepreneurship has composed a list of a few important things you need to know to move forward with your entrepreneurship journey:

#1: Take small steps.

Much as there are people that have started big and have been very successful, it’s no guarantee that that’s how it’s going to happen. It is generally agreed that it’s best to take smart steps first. For example, if you’re investing, you don’t have to put all your resources in at once. This allows you to absorb losses at a time and allows you to grow at a sustainable rate.

#2: Love what you do.

Being passionate about what you do is a powerful driver in times of adversity whenever it comes to your business. If you’re in it for the money, you’re likely to give up sooner or later. If you love what you do, you will fight harder to succeed.

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#3: Learn from others.

There is a saying that suggests that behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a mentor. One of the best ways to know about any place is to ask those who have been there already. In the same way, mentors in your line of business have been there, made mistakes and are in the position to help you avoid the same mistakes. Getting mentored is advisable for every millennial entrepreneur.

#4: Think of yourself as an entrepreneur first.

You are what you think you are. Thinking you’re an entrepreneur gives you an immediate sense of awareness. You would need to believe in yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you can’t buy your own product, you can’t sell it. So get your mindset right. After that, everything else will fall into place.

#5: Always be ready to give value.

Your business does not stop in an office space. Thanks to the internet, your work can be as mobile as your product allows. You could have an online store for your products on a variety of platforms. If you offer a service, always be ready to give a few nuggets at parties or networking events. You’ll be surprised how many people got their big break from someone remembering them from a party or event because of the value you provided. That’s why it’s extremely vital always to carry a business card and have your online information ready for access.


With over five years of entrepreneurial expertise both offline and online, I decided to share what I have learned with other millennial entrepreneurs. Living in the digital information age has made this possible for you and I so I’m just playing my part.

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