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You probably spend a great deal of time on social media sites every day, and have thought of ways how you could make money with social media as well. You have tweeted and interacted with your followers on Twitter, checked in with friends on Facebook, watched instructional and funny videos on YouTube, or posted selfies on Instagram.

Since you are aware of how these major platforms operate, why not make some extra money with them? When it comes to in-demand services, the number one spot is social media. Businesses are hiring people to moderate and manage their profiles and pages. Brands are on the lookout for social media influencers to push their products by spreading word of mouth.

It’s an open field for anyone, and you too can use these platforms to make good money through the following ways;

1. Become an Affiliate

No matter the industry you are in, you can find great products to promote on affiliate program such as ClickBank. You can also become an Amazon affiliate marketer by promoting products that earn you commission when you direct someone to buy them on Amazon- Amazon has something for everyone, and therefore, you can choose the products that appeal to you.

After picking the products to promote, don’t spam your accounts with links and hope to make any sales; keep in mind that the most effective and honest way to promote affiliate products is through informative reviews. If you explain the benefits of a product to your friends by writing a comprehensive review of that product, then you are likely to get a customer. Don’t be afraid to be genuine about a product by informing your readers about its pros and cons.

Also, ensure to disclose your affiliate relationships; your readers will appreciate your honesty.

2. Promote Your Digital Product

If you’ve already created a blog, and you’ve specific expertise in a certain field, it might be a perfect time to create an eBook, video course, or audio program and sell it to your audience. Social media acts as a perfect platform to promote such products.

You can publish or upload your digital product on various platforms such as Amazon’s KDP or Sellfy and sell your MP3, PDF, or video file at a price of your choice; keep in mind that these sites takes a cut of the sales, although it’s small, you still can make money over time.

As with anything, quality is paramount when it comes to creating readable content. But if you research well and take time to create valuable information that’s well presented, then you’ll definitely see more sales.

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3. Join YouTube Partner Program

Do you command significant influence you are a vlogger? Do you post funny videos that go viral? You might be able to make money by joining YouTube Partner Program; through this program, you allow Google to place ads at the beginning of your videos. The revenue generated is shared among both parties. There are a lot of people who have made a living from creating funny YouTube videos.

However, the truth is that the chances of becoming a YouTube star and making a living out of it are much low; it needs someone with an engaging personality, unique perspective, and a sense of humor. If you have those three traits, then YouTube Partner Program may be an avenue you can explore.

4. Manage Social Media Accounts

Managing social media sites is beginning to be lucrative, but it’s yet to become professional venture. However, there’s a growing need for many businesses that are looking for social media managers for their accounts. If you keep an eye on most upcoming companies, you can get a job to manage their social accounts.

Most of these jobs are offered on a contract basis, and you can work remotely. If you have significant experience in managing social media accounts, then you are in a better position to get a job. You can consult various upcoming and established companies and ask whether they can require such services.

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5. Promote Services and Products

This’s a very direct way of earning significant money from social media. Sharing sponsored posts that promote products and services of other business is becoming a popular way to monetize your social media activities.

However, if you don’t have a sizeable following, this may not work for you. Also, you need to avoid over-promoting products for money, because this might get to an annoying level that will make you lose followers.

You need to have the right balance; posts things that add value to your followers while promoting products. You need to have call-to-action on your posts, but all your posts shouldn’t be a call to action.

The Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can use to make money with social media. But it’s important to keep in mind that making money on social media is not for the faint-hearted since it isn’t easy. However, if you have a blog or website, make money on social media can be a bit easier.

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