The way we utilize our energy levels is key to achieving our end goals while maintaining a happy and much less stressful life. We are growing towards a tendency of performing better in more comfortable and relaxed environments than tense ones, which is proving the notion that working smart trounces working hard.

Entrepreneurs today are reshaping performance requirements; in the end, it is the results that matter and less of scrutinizing the method.

Planning and Strategy

These are of constant importance in helping to manage tasks. In addition, it is also advisable to be realistic by acknowledging any limitations that may affect one’s ability, capacity, skill, experience, character, and attitude. A plan is a guideline but it may not always guarantee results. It however, allows for a smoother transition.

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Knowing Your Environment

Diversity is both a friend and foe depending on how it is embraced. By familiarizing oneself, relationships can be formed on which the load can cleverly and evenly be distributed. But one should be careful not to assume, and rather maintain a professional presence while carefully sighting out vantage points on which to rely on. An analytical observation will help determine how to approach and deal with the complexities of human nature and its surroundings.

Avoid Micro Managing

This is an unfortunate mother of all downfalls. Micro management is; not sustainable, unreliable, extremely exhausting and stressful, a dangerous blind spot, a recipe for poor quality and can lead to the sudden death of potentiality.

Cutting down on these burdens gives room to breathe and pursue future tasks and goals. It also creates a level of trust which eases productivity by entrusting the responsible parties with a role to execute a given task.

Know Your Most Productive Hours

Some people are early risers, while others prefer starting the day much later. Some are unusually nocturnal. This is with time, helps us identify what period is more productive.

By accepting what works for us, we are become aware of our abilities so we do not rush into consequential decisions which are a lot of work to correct.


“Fail often so you can succeed sooner.” – Tom Kelley, Ideo partner.

Attitude is all about mentality. Negative energy feeds off failure and the constant reminder of unfortunate events. Positivity thrives where there is a peace of mind with the drive to move forward.

We should not let failures should waste our energy, instead, we should focus on creating better relaxed mindsets. With time, this will offload many burdens and correct our mistakes for the better. Shake that bad day off and spend the energy creating an impactful mindset that is worthy of your time.

Avoid Procrastinating

This is where time thrives and in the long run, has an impact on one’s energy levels. Procrastination is a well-known vice and if not dealt with, leads to avoidable panic and stress which are a mental and physical drain. Carrying out tasks in time has its benefits of; saving energy, identifying mistakes, improving on an idea, and creating room to think creatively.

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