Everything you do effortlessly today is something you once couldn’t do. You learned and practiced till you mastered how to do it without failing. You weren’t born knowing how to talk or walk, but with practice, you learned these things. The notions of impossible probably never existed when you were a small kid; you even thought you’d wake up one day and find yourself with superpowers like Superman. Right?

But as we get older, our imagination seems to decrease, and we start to “normalize” and get “realistic” about our abilities. As a result, we set self-imposed limits in our minds which prevent us from exploiting our full potential. Of course, there are genuine limits that you can’t overcome, but limits within our control are self-imposed. Lies that we tell ourselves such as I cannot quit my job to start a business or I cannot invest in a certain field because it requires a lot of capital are self-imposed limitations. So, how do you move out of your cocoon and exploit your potential to the fullest? Well, here are six things you can do to overcome your self-imposed limits;

#1: Have A Clear Vision

A person without a vision is a person without a future. Likewise, a person without a vision has no direction to take in life. With no direction, you allow opinions and external sources that hold no weight on you to limit you. Having a vision means you envision yourself as a person you want to be. For instance, you want to be a famous speaker and writer; that means you have to read books and articles that motivate you to follow your passion, write a lot, and practice public speaking. Don’t strive to be average as you are destined for greatness. To have a vision means you take action towards reaching that vision.

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#2: Avoid Procrastination

Most people are fond of procrastinating things until the last minute. Mostly, you’ll find out that you have no motivation to start a project immediately until the due date is very near. At that time, procrastination turns into focus, and you realize that you can work even extra hours to beat the deadline.

Imagine if you could have that determination from the start. Where will you be? Form a habit of finishing off your projects early enough so that you can create room for other meaningful things.

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#3: Find Someone To Keep You Accountable

You need to find someone who is more focused than you to encourage you to keep going even when there’s a lot of resistance. For instance, when you’re hitting the gym, you might be afraid of lifting certain weights. Try associating with people who lift the weights you feel you can’t lift. With time you’ll find yourself trying to lift them, and for sure you’ll end up lifting them effortlessly. Having someone to help push you outside your comfort zone will help a lot in overcoming your self-imposed limits.

#4: Who Is Your Role Model?

Whatever your goals are, there is probably someone who has succeeded in reaching them. You can get inspiration from him or her. Look for clues on how he/she was able to push past their limits on their way to achieving those goals. You’ll probably get a lot of valuable information on the path they took to reach their goals. Make sure the person you are trying to model is where and has done what you need.

#5: Aim To Be Better Each Day

Never be complacent or contented with what you have achieved. If you feel complacent, that means you have nothing else to live for. Always have a challenge that will motivate you to work extra hard. Even the richest people in the world have goals; so, who are you not to have one? Aim to be better each day and look for more challenges once you’ve overcome the previous ones. This way, you’ll find yourself achieving what one day you termed as “Impossible.”

#6: Work To Overcome Your Self-Imposed Limits

They say, where there’re weaknesses, there’re limits. Identify your weakness and work towards correcting them. You want to be a great speaker but fear to talk in public; work on how to overcome that fear. If you allow fear to dominate you, you’ll never overcome your limits. To push beyond your limits, you must overcome your weakness and fear.

You cannot overcome your limits in one day; it’s something gradual. This will only be realized when you push yourself a little harder each day. One day, you’ll look back and wonder why you ever thought it was too difficult to begin. Don’t let your self-imposed limits stop you from doing what your mind can conceive.



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