entrepreneurship can overwhelm you

Getting overwhelmed in business is one of the most common challenges for new entrepreneurs. We entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners tend to share one thing in common; creativity with deep desires to ensure the business succeeds and great ideas of how to expand the business. These ideas at times become overwhelming to implement, and they often find themselves challenged by the practical daily activities of life; from managing your business, finances, and employees to getting things done at the right time. None of these activities are easy; being overwhelmed becomes a way of life.

However, being overwhelmed leaves you emotionally drained, and it’ll be hard for you to catch up with the present as every time you’ll be rushing to finish things you should have done yesterday. As an entrepreneur, getting overwhelmed will occur regularly, but there are practical things you can do to reduce getting overwhelmed by business activities. Here are six secrets that successful entrepreneurs employ to get on purpose in their daily lives;

#1: Keep Your Mind in the Present

One of the major things that make many business people stress out is trying to complete everything today because they fear about tomorrow. You may be all over the place because you are thinking about everything you have to complete that should be completed today. However, you should learn to accept the reality and things that cannot be done. Do your best but don’t overdo it; try to be in the current moment- it doesn’t hurt to be in the NOW. Once you are grounded in the present, you can start looking at what you can accomplish within the set time and the appropriate time to achieve that.

#2: Learn To Manage Time In Business

Most entrepreneur, especially those who are starting out, have too much on their plate. They have no clue on how to create extra time to fit it all in and accomplish tasks. To save your sanity and energy, you must practice time management. Know your priorities so that you can accomplish what matters most at the moment. You need to figure out what your priorities are and arrange them in order of importance, create a calendar and set a schedule of when to complete every task. If you find it exceeding your ability, ask for help by delegating less involving tasks.

#3: Learn To Say NO

Your life will always be challenging and sad if you’re a people pleaser. Your life will become easier when you learn to say no to things that are eating into your valuable time. If a project or an event doesn’t fit into your set schedule, then politely avoid it. You need to think about your energy and time, not everyone else.

It’s true that every entrepreneur has other commitments outside their business, but you have to know your priorities to prevent them from eating into your precious time. Saying “no” will open up a “yes” for something else; maybe more time for your family, hobbies, or other important projects.

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#4: Have Some Free Time

This may sound odd taking into consideration the hectic lifestyle many entrepreneurs lead, but taking a breather could be your best alternative at times. You can’t always be racing at high speed; your body and mind need to take some time off to think and operate optimally. Distracting yourself from the everyday hectic schedules and chaos will enable you to stay refreshed, and you’ll come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to kick on even more.

#5: Don’t let life get you overwhelmed

This goes hand in hand with learning to say NO. Don’t set yourself up to be overwhelmed and stressed out by having too much on your plate. Accept what you can logically accomplish. By simplifying your life means, saying no to unimportant things to make room for things that matters in your life. This way you won’t find yourself getting overwhelmed.

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#6: Slow Things Down

It’s true that everyone strives to complete the activities on their to-do list, but it doesn’t happen all the time. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by activities in your business, probably you have a very tight to-do list. You need to review your list, prioritize it, organize it, and take one task at a time.

You don’t have to see the whole picture at the moment, just take baby steps by completing one task at a time. When you’re done, you can move on to complete the next on your list. The greatest lie most starting entrepreneurs do is to multitask; multitasking sounds good theoretically, but it isn’t practical. You cannot be in two places at the same time; otherwise, your life will become chaotic.

So, ditch multitasking and embrace one-tasking. This will help you produce the highest quality work since you’ll be working on one thing at your best.

As an entrepreneur, you will always get overwhelmed especially with the amounts of information that is out there, but if you apply the 6 tips shared you will be just fine.


With over five years of entrepreneurial expertise both offline and online, I decided to share what I have learned with other millennial entrepreneurs. Living in the digital information age has made this possible for you and I so I’m just playing my part.

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