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Procrastination is a habit that many of us struggle to overcome to every single day. We fail to find the needed motivation to undertake a project, activity, or task because of a myriad of lame excuses, thoughts, fears, and habits. Yet, procrastination is something that you can overcome if you take time to understand the intricate dynamics of this habit. Before we can solve this problem, we must first understand why we do it;

Why Do We Procrastinate?

There are a few basic reason people procrastinate;

– Losing hope that a situation can be affected or changed.

– Feeling overwhelmed

– Failure to make a decision

– Feeling tired or overworked

– Lack of priorities such that you’re too “busy” to get important things done

– When we want to avoid work that we don’t like

– Being afraid of failing

If you fail to address this issue, it will reach a point where time will not be on your side, and you’ll always live a life of catching-up. Here are six ways to overcome procrastination.

#1: Set Your Priorities Right

Most of the times, we procrastinate things because we don’t highlight them as priorities in life. That’s why you need to get clear about your priorities in life. You need to have priorities for the day as well. Therefore, take 20-30 minutes of your morning time to write down daily priorities that should be done before the day ends. Write them down in various categories such as career, relationships, physical, creative, leisure, public service, travel, and others. Once you have them on your list, break them down to top 10, then to top 5, then down to your top 3. Prioritize them by asking yourself, “Is this necessary today?” Those with “maybe” answer can be postponed to another day.

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#2: Become More Self-Aware

Procrastination generally comes in two forms; difficulty in starting an activity and getting distractions while working on a task. It all start by telling yourself “I really need to do this.” Then you feel tired or stressed. You then feel an urge to do another task and therefore, you tell yourself “I’ll start it in the next five minutes.”

By giving yourself this simple reprieve, you temporarily relieve the stress and get motivation to do the alternate task, and that’s how you fall victim to procrastination. But the next time, you feel like procrastinating, or you get a voice such as “check your email, there may be something important,” resist the urge. You’ll find that the urge will pass on and you’ll complete the task at hand.

Becoming aware of the distractions is an important step in overcoming procrastination.

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#3: Block Out Distractions

Most of the times, we fall victim of the same distraction day in, day out. After becoming aware of what distracts you the most, block it when you want to accomplish something. Social media, for instance, might be your main distractor. Therefore, knowing that Facebook or Twitter is just one click away can make it more likely to distract you and make you procrastinate. To avoid this, you can cancel social media tabs or block the internet altogether.

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#4: Get Rest

Whenever you have low motivation, or you’re tired, don’t be hard on yourself about completing a task. You can take a rest or go for a short walk. You’ll come back motivated and psyched up to complete the task.

#5: Do The Time-Consuming And Important Tasks First

Our daily biological clocks ensure that we are most active and alert at about mid-morning before we go through a mid-afternoon dip. The harder or time-consuming tasks are, the more concentration and energy you need to complete them. It’s, therefore, prudent to begin with challenging and most important tasks first instead of handling them when you are tired as this will tempt you to procrastinate.

#6: Embrace Imperfection

We often pressure ourselves to overdo certain tasks such as tidying, laundry, etc. You need to set a schedule for such things that isn’t overwhelming. Let go the notion of perfectionism and do the task that only needs to be done. Avoid procrastination of important tasks just because you want to arrange your desk.

Final Thoughts:

Procrastination prevents us from being productive. It’s a dangerous habit that shatters long term dreams, ambitions, and hopes. Having read this post, we hope that you’ll implement the tips and aim to avoid procrastinating important tasks.



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