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Being one of the most versatile, cost-effective and extremely powerful e-commerce and retail platform, Shopify has indeed revamped how online stores operate. The platform has created maximum capability and enhanced the flexibility of running online shops. However, it is important to note that the one thing that makes Shopify stand out from the rest is its robust App Store. While the platform boasts of a wide variety of Apps that can help you expand the performance and functionality of your online store, choosing the best app suited for a particular task can be daunting. Whether you are looking for a Shopify app to improve your businesses’ email marketing, add customer reviews, get detailed analytics or publish your products on Facebook, we have handpicked some of the most robust free Shopify Apps to help your store.

1. Google Shopping

Google shopping is an intuitive app that allows you to synchronize your online store with Google Merchant Center using a one by one automatic API feed to manage and update your listings. When you search for something on Google, various listings appear beneath the search bar; this is what is known as the Google Merchant Center.

2. Product Reviews

It is not a secret that reviews have a significant effect on customers’ buying decision. About 80% of all clients tend to buy a product when they see their reviews on the website. This Shopify app helps you to add a customer review feature to the products thereby providing a means by which customers can engage you as well as engage with each other to encourage sales.

3. Facebook Store

In the same way, Google shopping allows your product to appear when Google searched; Facebook Store helps you to showcase and present your product directly to your Facebook page. When your new product appears on Facebook, customers will share them with their friends and help you reach more prospects as well as drive more traffic to your shop.

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4. Yotpo

With Yotpo app, you can generate product reviews and share them on your social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to drive more traffic and increase your sales. The app helps you leverage on the inherent potential of social media helping you gain customers trust and sell more. The app developers claim that you can elevate your sales by creating nine times more product and site reviews.

5. MailChimp for Shopify

MailChimp is rated as one of the best email marketing management system in the market today. This app helps you to send targeted email campaigns to particular shoppers, add a new list of customers to your email newsletter, or quickly popularize your store through email blasting. Email marketing is one of the tried and proven means of marketing your online shop, having a robust Shopify app like MailChimp can prove to be very helpful.

6. Order Printer

The Order Printer is a shopify app that allows you to expedite the process of printing labels, invoices, packing slips, receipts and much more. The app can be customized to generate templates that suit any need or to print in bulk so that you can speed up your shipping process.

7. Plug in SEO Shopify App

Plug in SEO is a fundamentally essential tool for monitoring, tracking and determining the issues affecting your SEO performance. This shopify app scores through all necessary search engine optimization areas including headings, page titles, speed, Meta descriptions, content freshness, blog post structure and the rest to provide insights on which areas to optimize to bring more results.

8. Better Coupon Box

This tool will help you turn every visitor into a potential customer. Better Coupon Box app aims to help online merchants engage first-time visitors through a customizable popup that show up to offer them a discount because they followed one of your social profiles.

9. Improved Contact Form

Improved Contact Form is an excellent app that helps you learn more about a prospective customer before you reply their message. The shopify app generates a popup contact form that informs you where your prospect is located as well as the pages they have visited before reaching out to you. The app helps know what your customers are up to thereby helping you to have an idea of what to tell them.

10. AfterShip Shopify App

As an online merchant, the more you sell, the more the probability of your shipping management escalating into a liability. Aftership shopify app tracks all your shipments into a single place, simplifying management and expediting automatic delivery updates to customers. The tool supports DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and several other carriers.


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