sustaining entrepreneurship

Sustaining entrepreneurship ventures as a successful entrepreneur, you will need a reliable and interconnected network to grow. It requires one to sustain those relationships to several degrees. Building a network is important in expanding markets as it is in bridging gaps and communities.

So how do you keep the dots connected? Well let’s dive into it.

#1: The consumer is the boss

Recognizing that the consumer dictates the level of success is a key trait. This helps the entrepreneur sail more towards consumer needs and capacity, channeling the focus towards consumption personalities as opposed to imposing a brand.

#2: Manage risk, overcome fear

Risk management is a requisite for success because it encourages innovation, jumpstarts business growths, and can keep an entrepreneur from going under. In addition, the need to make life more comfortable has increased the need for production which in turn is pressing for newer and better ideas, some which are experiencing infancy for the first time.

Kathy Nieland is one of a growing army of sustainability consultants whose expertise ranges from environmental due diligence to reputation measurement and management.

An executive at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nieland, lost her house in Hurricane Katrina. This prompted her to venture into risk management and was named US Sustainable Business Solutions Leader.

sustaing”It had a profound impact on me,” she said. “When I was invited to take a strategic role looking at 10-year outlooks, I saw there was a huge area of risk management not covered, and that we could build up this business.”

It virtually requires defying the “business as usual” model to culminate huge rewards.

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#3: Everyone’s a Learner

The more we learn, the better we get. Learning is part of the process and it never stops. There is always a better idea out there, no matter how small it is, it has its part to play. Exchange of ideas makes production easier because it creates a streamlined form of communication.

Sometimes the missing detail and key to completing the wholeness of a product can simply be elusive; but which one can easily recognize from another point of view. In most cases, we become more aware of how a product can get better when we often consume it.

#4: Study the Consumer’s Behavior

Studying and learning the consumer goes the extra mile to show more effort on the entrepreneur’s side that everyone’s needs and opinions matter. Consumers are not pits waiting for someone to fill them up they have a sense of attachment towards a product meaning, therefore, that there is a conscious need for someone to hear them out.

Consequently, addressing those needs and desires independently, encourages uniqueness and individual belonging.

#5: Be Patient

Consumers are not the easiest to please in fact, people in general are hard to impress because we each have a unique footprint. As a result, our tastes and preferences differ. Various circumstances can have a profound effect on these preferences. So in case sustaining entrepreneurship ventures is your top priority, be patient.

Addressing that factual challenges builds a more realistic entrepreneurship, one which is aware of how to manage and work with consumer needs and demands.

#6: Exercise Creativity

We all like something as new as the next one and this is where the mind blowing aspects of creativity can come to our full realization. Therefore, a product that stays the same too long risks, in a much shorter period of time today, irrelevance.

Creativity today, is one of the most highlighted requirements to thrive in a trending world and has facilitated innovations worldwide.

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